Brazil Visa for US Citizens
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Your guide for Brazil Visa for US Citizens

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Important Note: Brazil has stopped the eVisa services for all nations wef June 17, 2019. People living in the US, Canada, and Australia who wish to travel can register their trip with their respective embassy or consulate. The procedure for Brazil visa for US citizens is totally to apply for an online visa in Brazil, it is easy, and the entire process can be done within 20 minutes.

The United States finds its name among the four nations whose residents can get a Brazil eVisa, which implies that if a person lives in the US, the person is exempted to visit the Brazilian embassy and get a visa. One of the first questions citizens have when it comes to the documents is the expense. It is a normal question, particularly since individuals have a set budget for their excursions. All fees are affordable so that you can have a blast on your trip and not compromise on anything.

The one aspect that defines the price of your visa is the duration of processing. You can opt for the time while submitting your application. The first point of the application will give you three alternatives to choose from related to the processing time. The fees are inversely proportional to the time it takes. The faster the processing for the visa, the greater the price and vice versa. Here is what you can pick:

Brazil Visa fee for US Citizens


Standard processing time 

This is the most reasonable choice you have, and most nationals who want a Brazil eVisa go ahead with it. Your form will be finalized within 10 business days, and the price for it is $44.50. If you start your preparation way ahead of time and have sufficient time, you can utilize this option. Nonetheless, we do propose that you fill out the application at least 12 days prior to your trip to have some time in hand for unnecessary delays.

Rush processing time 

If you select this choice, your visa will be sent in 6 business days. As you can anticipate, you are required to spend more on this option. The cost of this type of visa is $44.50

Super Rush processing time

If you need your Brazil eVisa at the earliest this is the alternative you are expected to select. Your form will be processed within 4 business days. However, the expense is greater as well.

The Brazil visa fees do not have any hidden costs. You pay for the services you incur. To pay the fees, you can use a credit or a debit card.

Getting a Brazil visa for US citizens is very easy and can be done easily. If you need any further assistance, you can contact eVisaNation.  So, book your trip now and have a great time in the eclectic and vibrant land of Brazil.

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