Why Should You Travel To Chicago?

why should you travel chicago

Sarah Bernhard rightly said, “I adore Chicago. It is the pulse of America”. Chicago is the third-largest city in the USA and this place is the epitome of a world-class metropolitan city. With skyscrapers illuminating the sky, to harboring renowned Michelin starred restaurants, Chicago is an ideal place for those who eye a fast-paced metropolitan life. With a gamut of pristine beaches, to Willis Tower. Let’s see why should you travel to Chicago.

Reasons why should you travel to Chicago:

1. A gastronome’s paradise


Also known as the windy city, Chicago has a lot to offer to your palate. The Chicago-style hot dog brimming with onions, tomatoes, pickles, peppers, relish, mustard, in a poppy seed bun is a mouth-watering delight that is a must-try in Chicago. There is a renowned Garrett Popcorn shop since 1949, which delivers a specialty by the name of Garrett mix, which you can’t miss if you visit Chicago.

Apart from this, Chicago has a unique style of baking pizzas which are topped with pepperoni, sausages, tomatoes, mozzarella, romano, mushrooms, and peppers which are way too good to miss. There is a gamut of delis that sell this savory pizza to try from. There is a dish known as Jibarito, which is a sandwich that replaces conventional bread with green plantains and has a variety of fillings for it; for which Chicago is known.

In addition to the mentioned dishes, the city has some delectable treats like cheesecake, steaks, ice-creams, cheeseburgers, tacos, and much more which is worth gorging.

2. A treat for art aficionados


Chicago houses some magnum opus of the world. You can witness some grand works by famous artists including Picasso, Chagall, Miro, and Calde. The city houses around 200 art museums, where more than 500 art pieces are showcased.

Art is a powerful tool that makes us reach out to the deepest shade of ourselves and the best part about visiting art museums is they evoke such powerful and varied emotions, that are enigmatic and so deep-rooted that we may miss in the vicious cycle of everyday chores. So come face to face and go on an emotional rollercoaster by visiting museums in Chicago.

3. Witness the panoramic view of this mesmerizing city

chicago paranomic view

Towering landscapes in the backdrop of the sunset, when the sky becomes the canvas of nature and is painted with various hues; seems like a painting, eh? Not actually. Chicago houses some tallest buildings in the world and the vista of this Chicago is a picture that shall be etched forever. When you visit Chicago, do not forget to climb 360 CHICAGO (formerly called the John Hancock Center).

Situated at a height of 1,030 feet above the streets, this observatory offers a panoramic view of this as well as the adjacent city. There is also a bar which offers some refreshing drinks.

So sip your drinks while you witness the stupefying view of Chicago, Paranomic views can be the solid reason from why should you travel to chicago

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4. A land of festivals

why should you travel chicago

Chicago features some best music and dance festivals in the world. June to September is the period where a majority of festivals take place and if you happen to be in Chicago during this time frame, do not pay a visit to this fiesta. There is a Ravinia festival which happens in Chicago and it is considered the oldest outdoor music festival in the USA. Since its inception in 1904, this festival has also become better and is a must-have experience in one’s life.

This city houses more than 40 film festivals, seven free major music and dance festivals, more than 30 food festivals, and over 400 neighborhood festivals. So if you are a person seeking fun and frolic on your next trip, then you can surely give a thought to visiting Chicago.

So these were our reasons why Chicago should be on your bucket list. If you want to share your views, please do so in the comment section. Also, if you are planning to visit Chicago and seeking assistance with evisa assistance, then feel free to contact eVisaNation. Buen Viaje! 

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