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Ultimate Guide For Traveling To Switzerland

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When we think about Switzerland, the image that comes rushing into our minds is the snow-laden Alps in the background and the vast stretch of meadows where white cows adorned with patches of black lazily graze on them, enticing us with the beautiful hues of nature. Traveling to Switzerland is world-famous for its picturesque vistas, chocolates, and skiing. If you are planning to visit the mesmerizing lands of Switzerland, we have formulated an ultimate guide for traveling to Switzerland, which includes the itinerary Switzerland is renowned for along with some things-to-do which is amazing in Switzerland, but many aren’t aware of.

Let’s check out this guide for traveling to Switzerland:

1) Skiing at Matterhorn


Icy and majestic mountains are one thing Switzerland is famous for. You might have even read or watched in classics that people who love skiing fly to Switzerland to have that adrenaline rush. So be adventurous and get hold of skiing equipment when you visit Zermatt.

When you ski down the Matterhorn, feel the chilling winds caressing your face, enjoy the stretches of white wherever your eyes lay, and experience the glory of Switzerland.

2) Witness the GoldenPass Line

GoldenPass Line

Switzerland is so jam-packed with the beauty that even the aisles, boulevards, houses, everything will leave you enthralled. One such place is the GoldenPass line. This is the route throughout the country and houses some of them to die for scenes Switzerland has to offer.

This route toggles between Lucerne to Montreux and passes through 6 Swiss cantons, 3 mountain passes, views featuring lakes, valleys, and waterfalls. This route is the epitome of beauty in the mundane and yes do carry your capturing device as this stupefying route shall surely ignite the shutterbug in you.

3) Sit on a train to Jungfraujoch


Jungfraujoch is the highest train station in Europe perched at a height of 3,454 meters above sea level. Taking a train to Jungfraujoch shall surely enthrall you as you cherish the grandeur of the Alps. Also, from the zenith at Jungfraujoch, you can witness the Great Aletsch glacier, stretched at a distance of 23 kilometers, which is the longest glacier in the Alps.

Also, some peaks which you might witness en route to Jungfraujoch include Eiger, Monch, and Jungfrau, so be well-prepared in advance to seep in all the pristine scenes.

4) Indulge in the local culture

switzerland-local culture

Switzerland is a country instilled with rich culture and festivals. At Basler Fasnacht, you can see masked pipers and drummer stomping the avenues of Basel at 4 am, and yes you can also try becoming a part of their entourage if you feel like. You could also rush down to Valais to be a part of the Witches Downhill race, or if you savor wrestling, you can head to Mount Rigi to devour Swiss wrestling.

You will get glimpses of a plethora of festivals or traditional events, occurring thorough out the year that lets you delve into the Swiss traditions. Also, Switzerland uses 4 languages, so give the polyglot inside you a kick and learn languages, at least the basic pleasantries. Keep reading the guide for traveling to Switzerland.

5) Travel to CERN

traveling to switzerland-cern

Inquisitive about the inception of the universe, then hop on and pay a visit to CERN. This place should definitely be on your bucket list as it’s not a banal experience where you get to take the Large Hadron Collider. This collider is the largest and most potent accelerator that is on a 27-kilometer ring beneath the French and Swiss nations.

If the accelerator is working, you might not be able to visit this lofty device, but yes you can tour CERN the Microcosm, the Globe, and the ‘Universe of particle’ events to explore the people working there and the intricacies that created this world. Tip: Also, if you plan to take a guide along with your visit, ensure you book well in advance as late bookings may not guarantee a guide. The best guide for traveling to Switzerland.

6) Savor the intricacies of cheese making in Gruyeres

cheese making in Gruyeres

Who doesn’t love cheese, right? Whether it is in pizzas, cheesecake, or spreads, this one food item has the artistry to make a dish delectable. Switzerland is famous for its cheese and harbors some best cheese in the world. If you wish to discover the art of cheese-making visit the La Maison du Gruyere in Gruyeres and try to make some at your home.

The cobbled paths and medieval vibes would make it a fun experience. And yes, do not forget to gorge Gruyere cream and meringue, which are the pièce de résistance of this place.

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7) Wine tasting in Vaud

Wine tasting in Vaud

 Wine may take a backseat as compared to its Cheese, but Switzerland also houses some best wine on the globe. Appease the sommelier in you after paying a small price in the vineyards, after which you can devour some fine wines, the major bulk of which is exported. Also, visit the 12 km expanse Lavaux vineyards, with their idyllic scenes and mountain air, which is an experience worth having.

8) Ingurgitate Swiss chocolate

Swiss chocolate

One thing quintessential to Switzerland is its chocolate. If you are a sweet tooth or chocoholic, some places on your itinerary should be Kilchberg, Broc, and Zurich. Become a chocolate aficionado at Kilchberg, visit the world’s oldest factory titled Maison Cailler in Broc, or absorb the history of Lindt chocolate. And yes, do not forget to get Swiss chocolates as souvenirs for you kiths and kins, because who doesn’t love chocolate, eh?

So these were our top picks which one needs to do in traveling to Switzerland for sure. If you plan to visit Switzerland and need assistance with the evisa process, contact us on eVisaNation. Glückliche Reise

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