Ultimate Traveling Guide To Japan

Ultimate Travelling Guide to Japan

Hey fam, we hope you are fine and it’s been a long time since we’ve had interacted. So, we are going to see that how you can travel to Japan very efficiently. Check out this ultimate traveling guide to Japan.

If you are planning your next trip to the beautiful “land of the rising sun”, i.e. Japan, we have compiled a list of all the things to do in Japan to make your next trip to Japan enriching and a memorable one. So without delay let’s find out what are the things to keep in mind when you travel to Japan and also, some tips to reduce your travel cost for Japan.

Key point

Before understanding how Japan is like, it is crucial to understand that commuting to or inside Japan is pretty convenient, however, it may cause a hole in your pocket. If you plan to travel to visit all across Japan, then purchasing a 7-day JR pass is something you should do. The cost of traveling would be reduced plus you get to hop on the famous Japanese bullet train, which is a lifetime experience in itself. Also, to make your trip easy,  it is advisable to get this pass before you leave for Japan and have at least 7 days to receive it.

Best time to visit Japan

Japan is a perfect blend of modern and ancient, chaos and tranquility, making it one of the best places to visit. Before understanding the to-do list for Japan, it is important to figure out the best time to visit Japan. Honestly, every season, every month is perfect to visit Japan, giving you a different experience altogether. But if you want to witness the Sakura, then springtime is the ideal time. But a note of caution: Springtime is the time when Japan has holidays so you may witness Japanese traversing the country. So getting hotels and accommodation may be a little tricky.


The official currency in Japan is the yen ( ¥ ). 1 yen is around 100 USD, susceptible to market fluctuations. All major hotels, shops, restaurants, etc. do accept credit cards, but it always advisable to keep some cash handy.


Unlike various Asian countries, Japan is expensive. The average cost of accommodation in Japan is around $27 for a dorm bed, around $45-90 USD for a mid-range hotel or guesthouse, and around $90-270 USD for a luxurious stay. A bowl of ramen would cost around 7 USD, a subway pass around USD 6.40, and a cup of coffee around USD 2.75.

So the approx budget for an economical journey would be around USD 450 which would include a dwelling, cheap food, and some free activities. The budget of mid-range travelers will be USD 850 and USD 1200 for a high-end traveler.

If you want to make the best out of Japan on a limited budget, we have some tips for you:

  • Ensure you have a Japan Rail Pass, especially if you plan to commute outside of Tokyo.
  • Gorge your breakfast at 7-Eleven or Family Mart. They are convenient stores situated all across Japan and while it may sound absurd but the food quality offered by them makes it an ideal breakfast place for the locals as well.
  • There is a concept of “lunch sets” available in Japan, you can have it for your lunch. They can range between $5-7 USD and have large meals. If you are lucky, you might even get a dessert.
  • Try some variety of sushi that would be on your bucket list. If you plan to do so and save some moolah, try the conveyor belt sushi.
  • Lastly, track your budget through an app or by pen and paper.

Japan is a mesmerizing place, brimming with tradition, art, and culture. There is a multitude of activities you could do in Japan. If you are keen to visit this place and want assistance with evisa, try eVisaNation and I hope you would have found this traveling guide to Japan useful for your trip to Japan. Kanpai!

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