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Top Places to Visit in Qatar on Your Next Trip

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Analogous to luxuries and beauty, Qatar is a county every itinerant should visit. Nestled in the western part of Asia, Qatar is one of the largest transits between the eastern and western world. The hospitality offered by this country is unprecedented, making it one of the most popular travel destinations. From adventure sports to breathtaking views, Qatar has a multitude of destinations to visit. The county has a lot to offer in terms of art, culture, sports, mesmerizing travel destinations, and a lot more. If you are planning to visit Qatar, this blog shall present you top 7 places to visit in Qatar.

1. Msheireb Museums

Qatar is a land of rich history and tradition and Msheireb Museums offer a rich insight into the culture of Qatar. This attraction situated in Doha is a collection of 4 places that showcase the opulent fishing history of Doha. These museums enlist the journey of Doha from a small fishing hamlet to the modern marvel in today’s time. If you are a lover of history or culture, then this place should definitely find a spot on your bucket list.

2. Katara Cultural Village

Housing a theatre, garden, art galleries, 2 intricately designed mosques, and a lot more, this place showcases the vibrant culture of Qatar. Along with delving into the history of Qatar, you can also eat in the restaurants situated there to get an idea of the cuisine of Qatar. This place is open 24 hours and is a must-visit place in Qatar.

3. Film City

The breathtaking vistas of Film City make it a top tourists attraction. The phenomenal vistas and quaint beauty of this place are reminiscent of old Bedouin villages. While it is very beautiful, the origin of this place remains a mystery. The mystery topped with its serene beauty makes it a must-visit place for every traveler.

3. Al Zubarah Fort

A place of historical significance, Al Zubarah Fort is a popular destination in Qatar. The inception of this place is still questionable; nonetheless, it is tagged as a UNESCO World Heritage site. Some believe it was built to safeguard the coastal regions while some believe it was a military post. The architecture of this fort depicts the traditional architecture of Qatar, making it a place every traveler should visit once in their lifetime.

5. Barzan Towers

Another beautiful place to visit in Qatar, this tower was built as a surveillance tower by Sheikh Mohammed bin Jassim Al Thani. This tower was also used for astronomical study. This tower consists of a reception area, mosque, and 2 towers. Visitors can climb the top of the tower and seep in its beauty.

6. Falcon Souq

This intriguing place elucidates the Arab art of falconry. In Falcon Souq, you can witness the majestic falcons. You can see them on porches and also get a lot of accessories for them. Falcons are respected birds there, so ensure you do not cause them any harm.

7. Angry Bird Park

Angry Birds Park is a must-visit place especially if you have brought along kids with you. Filled with adventure rides a d exciting games, this place will surely give you a jovial experience. Apart from various fun rides and attractions for kids, it also houses several delis and cafes, and artworks, ensuring the visit becomes a fun experience.

So here were our top 7 places to visit in Qatar. If you are planning to visit Qatar and need assistance with the evisa and other formalities, you can visit eVisaNation. Happy Journey!

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