6 Major Tips To Consider Before Traveling Abroad

Tips before traveling abroad

Hey guys I know you all are so excited about what would be this blog about? So, this would consider tips before traveling abroad. You all love to travel right? and that is the main reason you are here with us. Just your excitement and enthusiasm keep us going and sharing the information we have. So without further ado let’s get started.

1) Visa and passport


If you are planning an international trip, the first thing to verify if your passport and visa requirements. Ensure that your passport is valid at least for 6 months from the travel date. This requirement may vary depending on the country you wish to travel to. Depending on the country you reside in and where you aim to travel, it may be mandatory to carry a visa during the arrival. In such cases, ensure that your visa is approved and a copy is with you during your entire journey. To have your visa ready you can also contact eVisaNation.

Also, if you are planning to travel anywhere foreign, it is advisable to keep a month or two in your hands for the processing of your visa. In this COVID pandemic, rules and regulations are susceptible to change frequently, so always keep a tab of any modification in the arrival rules, etc., before commencing your journey. 

2) Check for safety and health regulations

COVID has taken the world by surprise and it may still be a while till we are completely bereft from this virus. Keeping in mind this lurking threat, check regularly the country’s safety guidelines. Also, some countries may ask for a PCR test report during the arrival. The health declaration documents may vary with every country and it is important to fill and submit those documents well in advance and I think this is one of the most important tips before traveling abroad.

3) Money

Traveling to a foreign land may be exciting as well as cause some butterflies in the stomach. To ensure all issues are at bay or to even face any unforeseen circumstances; ensure you carry an adequate amount of money with you. Please make it a point to convert your money into a currency that shall be applicable in the country you are visiting. Always carry a few extra bucks just in case it is needed. Also, if you are carrying a debit or credit card, do check if the international transaction facility is activated or not. If not do make it a point to activate it for smooth usage of the card.

4) Electronics


What good is visiting a new country if you don’t bring back a pool of memories? And in this social media savvy world, the best way to capture memories is via photographs. So if you love flaunting your vacation pictures on Instagram or just love clicking for memories, whatever your reason may be; keep in handy a device that clicks good photographs. If you plan to carry a camera, keep a stack of extra batteries and a memory card. Also, before you leave activate an international package on your phones so that you can contact anyone without any issues. If you a digital nomad and plan to work on your vacation then do carry your laptop along with the essential attachments. Although you might receive a sturdy internet connection. just in case it doesn’t function properly do keep an alternative with you.

5) Do some local research

Before visiting any foreign land read ‘best places to visit in the world‘ & do conduct some r&d about the local cuisine, places to travel locally, tourist attractions, what to do in that place, etc. A foreign journey is a lifetime experience and it is important to make the best out of it. So be well prepared in advance and do carry some travel guides and maps. Yes, and if you are an impromptu traveler who loves going with the flow, it is still recommended to at least know the drill in case you face an emergency.

6) Luggage


Before packing your luggage, do make a list of the essentials you must carry. If you are planning a raw journey then it is always better to travel light and just pack the bare minimum. This list may differ depending on the country you wish to travel to. For instance, if you are visiting a desert, do carry sunscreen, hats, umbrellas, and a water bottle. Similarly, if you traveling to a tropical land, verify that you have insect repellents, boots, raincoats, and other essentials. Also, if you are a person who loves purchasing souvenirs, then do keep some space in your bag. 

So these are some of the tips before traveling abroad to keep in mind before you leave for your destination. If you like this article or wish to express your views, please do so in the comments. Bon, voyage!  If you are planning the next trip and finding the right company to get done with your visa then eVisaNation is here to do that task for you.  

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