Things To Do In Italy. Enjoy

Things to do in Italy

Has always been planning to visit Italy but courtesy of the pandemic your plan to visit this beautiful country was brushed inside the carpet? If yes, then non te la prendere! With the world returning to normal, many countries have opened their international boundaries for globe-trotters, including Italy. So if you want to draw some inspiration to visit this enticing land or need to formulate a bucket list after making the plans, you are at the right place. We have consolidated a list of things to do in Italy so that your trip to Italy becomes the best one.

Here are the things to do in Italy:

1) Memesmerize the grandeur of the Coliseum

best places to visit in the world

  Your trip to Italy would be incomplete if you do not pay a visit to the grand coliseum. This fascinating theatre housing around 50,000 spectators opens up to the world of our ancestors. The engineering and the architectural beauty shall surely enthrall you. This amphitheater was a seat of archaic gladiator matches, so yes, to spice up your visit, think of yourself as a Roman emperor witnessing some grand gladiator matches.

2) Pay a visit to Pompeii


The most notable historic event surrounding Pompeii is Mount Vesuvius’s eruption and covering this land with ashes. If you visit Pompeii it shall ignite the historic shade in you and you shall be taken to a bygone era. The baths, houses, and other amenities have survived the test of time and still awaits your visit.

3) Go on a spiritual journey in Vatican City

vatican city

Vatican City, the seat of the Pope, is an important place for Christians. No matter what your religious affliction is, the churches and cathedrals are a sight to behold! Pay a visit to Vatican Palace, Sistine Chapel, the Piazza San Pietro, St Peter’s Basilica, which are some top tourist attractions in Vatican City.

4) Trek Stromboli

Trek Stromboli

Your trip to Sicily if you haven’t trodden on Stromboli, an active volcano. Give your adventure junkie a kick by trekking to the top albeit under the supervision of a certified expert. For those who abhor strenuous activities, you can take a small trek about this stunner.

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5) A boat ride across Blue Grotto

Blue Grotto

For all sea lovers, this should find a space in your to-do list. A glimpse to definitely catch, this captivating view is a premium sight in Capri. This place is also known as Grotta Azzurra. This grotto is a consequence of a lacuna that glitters azure when the sun is at its peak. At some locations, the depth can be 16 meters and at some, it can rise to 40 meters. Take a boat along this Grotto and etch the magnificent view in your memory till eternity.

6) Take a gondola or Vaporetto in Venice


No amount of words can justify the splendor of the Grand Canal in Venice. To glimpse this breathtaking seascape, you have 2 options. Either hop on a Vaporetto, a local word for water bus and observe the intricate Venetian dwellings and canals. Or take a gondola and live an experience straight out of a postcard.

7) Devour pizzas at Naples


Who doesn’t like pizzas, right? The scrumptious cheese-laden dough, the moreish toppings, the flavourful seasonings, mouth-watering, eh? Be inspired by Eat Pray Love and make your gastronomic side joyful by going on a toothsome tour in Naples. Brimming with delis and cafes providing one of the world’s best pizzas, this is something that you should not miss.

8) Ascend the Leaning Tower of Pisa

Leaning tower of pisa

The Leaning Tower of Pisa is an architectural glitch as, during its inception, one side of the tower started sinking. Courtesy of this fluke, this monument has become a landmark. When the tower is open, climb to the top and witness a spectacular vista of Pisa.

9) Muse the Last Supper in Milan

Italy shall not fail the art aficionados. The Last Supper is considered a masterpiece by Leonardo da Vinci. This art paragon is housed in Santa Maria Delle Grazie, this painting features Jesus Christ along with his disciples savoring the last supper before Christ was crucified. even if you aren’t a connoisseur, yet catching hold of this painting is worth it as this painting shall ignite some deep-seated feelings and move you.

10) Throw a penny in the Trevi Fountain

trevi fountain

The local fable surrounding Trevi Fountain states that anyone who throws a shilling in the fountain shall be bestowed with good luck and return to this place. Even if you aren’t an ardent believer of luck and fortune, no harm in trying, right? You never know when Goddess Fortuna showers you with luck. So these are our top 10 picks to do in Italy. So do visit this lively place and let us know about your trip. In case, you need assistance with the visa application, feel free to contact eVisaNation, one-stop for all your e-visa assistance. So pack your bags and Fai un buon viaggio!   

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