Ultimate Guide For Traveling To India

ultimate Guide for traveling to India

Romain Rolland rightly said, “If there is one place on the face of earth where all the dreams of living men have found a home from the very earliest days when man began the dream of existence, it is India.” India, a land of rich culture and eclectic ethos needs no introduction. The myriad hues and a sense of eerie surrounding India, make it a must-visit place among all wayfarers. So either you are having a spiritual epiphany to visit India or just want to traverse through the undulating paths of this mystery-filled land and are preparing to make this journey of a lifetime, this blog is the ultimate guide for traveling to India.

Some points to keep in mind while traveling through India

1) Keep an open mind

open mind

Traveling to a new place is a novel experience and we gain a lot of insights and it becomes an experience for a lifetime only if we keep an open mind. Traveling to India can be an altogether shocking experience if you traveling from a Western nation. But isn’t it why we love to travel, to open our eyes to cultures different from us, experience something which our country or culture is unable to deliver?  I am sure, you would nod your head and show an affirmation to this question. So to enjoy the ravishing lands of India, please keep an open mind. It would be a spiritual journey as well as an emotional journey witnessing the lifestyle, places, smiles of India.

2) Research about the place and prepare well in advance:

research- traveling to india

India has a gamut of places you could travel to. If you are a mountain lover, you could plan the various treks offered in India; if you are a beach lover, again India has some breathtaking beaches that are worth a visit. So, in a nutshell, whatever your interest lies in, India would surely have plenty to offer. To be free from any hassles, a rule of thumb is to make your itinerary and to-do lists for India well in advance. Also, keep in mind the place and the requirements for that particular place. For instance, if you wish to go for safaris, it is important to carry bug repellents, boots, sunscreen, and other essential items.

3) Consider your health conditions:

health checkup

India has tropical weather and as it is situated near the equator, it is susceptible to scorching heat and in some areas, it rains cats and dogs. Also, water and food can be a point to keep in mind, especially if you have allergies and sensitivity. While packing your essentials, keep a medicine box as well which might contain anti-allergic, antipyretics, pain killers, and the likes. Please pack some bug repellent creams or ointments and smoother them on all the exposed areas wherever you travel. Also, don’t forget to apply sunscreen!

4)  Keep handy some cash:

Indian rupee-evisanation

The beauty of India lies in its street and vendors. If someone hasn’t been a part of the crowd, witnessed the raw beauty of the streets, saw the attractions sold by vendors, or best bought it even, then they have missed a major part of India. India is pretty popular for its handicrafts and to buy some specialty of India, you would need cash. Although many vendors have switched on to an online mode of payment, just to be in a no-cash state, keep in handy some Indian rupees. And yes, trying Indian clothes, like kurtas, intricate artificial jewelry, and jutis, should definitely be on your to-do list. Some vendors may try to trick you and ask for an exaggerated amount, so please ask some locals, preferably shoppers, before paying the moolah. Or you could try some haggling skills.

5) Learn some basic language:

Although India boasts of fostering bountiful languages and dialects, it is recommended to learn a few basic words. India has a literacy rate of more than 70%, and vendors and drivers would understand basic English, but again, there is no harm in learning a few phrases of Hindi, right?

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6) Trying Indian cuisine:

indian cuisine

Indian curries, condiments, bread, snacks, pickles, and spices have lodged a place in the world’s best cuisines. The street food in India is scrumptious and worth trying. But your esophagus and bowels might not take it in good light. So to have a taste of India and keep yourself fit and healthy, ensure you consume food from a good and hygienic place. Even a majority of street food vendors maintain safety standards and anywhere you see dirt or grim, just avoid having food from that place. Also, avoid eating foods brimming with spices, especially if your palate isn’t attuned to it. And yes, do experience eating food with your hands. But yes, please clean your hands or sanitize them properly before you use them.

7) Read about the societal and religious norms:

indian culture

India is the largest democracy and is a secular nation. India is also the mother of various world religions. Every major religion and you would witness a place of worship or practitioners of it. There are some mesmerizing religious places that you should visit. But yes, keep in mind that every place of worship has some norms which need to be adhered to. To protect yourself from hurting religious sentiments, do peruse through the accepted behavior for them. Also, in India, you can see an urban and orthodox dichotomy. Where urban India may be open to any behavior, the rustic settings may have a pre-described behavior. Be prepared about them well in advance to keep yourself away from societal sticklers.

So, here were some tips to keep in mind while traveling across India. These points may be subjective and may differ on an individual basis. Either you choose to follow them or not, the most important thing is to have a good time in India. So do not forget to make the best out of your trip to India and have the experience of a lifetime in this holy land. Also, if you need assistance with e-visa for India, feel free to visit the website eVisaNation. Have an amazing trip!

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