Famous Dishes To Eat In Saudi Arabia

famous dishes of Saudi Arabia

Are you planning your next trip to Saudi Arabia? Are you also a foodie then let’s explore the famous dishes of Saudi Arabia. There might be stuff catering to your adrenaline rush & Saudi Arabia’s gastronomy is the point of attraction.

Saudi Arabia cuisine is a blend of intricate spices and herbs, giving an independent identity to it. Given in this blog are 7 must-try dishes which are a specialty of Saudi Arabia. So do not forget to try these dishes on your next trip and set your taste buds on a roller coaster ride.

Let’s explore famous dishes of Saudi Arabia:

1. Kabsa


Kabsa is the national dish of various countries. This traditional item utilizes rice, vegetables, chicken, and a blend of spices. It is comfort food that shall surely instill a good and happy feeling after consuming it. The primary spices used in Kabsa include bay leaves, cinnamon, cardamom, black lime, and saffron. The amazing infusion of spices and the ingredients lies in the method of cooking. The authentic way of cooking is by using a barbeque made inside the ground.

2. Mutabbaq

The formulation of this dish is from Yemen. The meaning of this word is folded, and as the name suggests, it is a pancake with folds. It is popular street food and you can get a variety of its variations on the street. So when you stroll in the streets of Jeddah, do not forget to try this delectable dish.

3. Shawarma


Shawarma has become a popular dish across the globe and chances are you might have already heard about it. It has an intricate style of cooking and the methodology is the reason for the deliciousness of this dish. So trying Shawarma should be definitely in your itinerary.

4. Falafel


Another star of Arabian cuisine, this is one dish that has spread its essence all across the globe and made Arabian cuisine reach its glory. This appetizing course although famous deserves its entry into the top food of Saudi Arabia. Falafel is one of the famous dishes of Saudi Arabia and you’ll yearn for it time and again.

5. Laban


Saudi Arabia is an equatorial country and the days can be extremely sultry. So to plenish their nutrients and freshen themselves, they have Laban. Laban is yogurt with an extensive mix of spices. You can also try the variants of this dish which has minced zucchini or kibbeh.

6. Saleeg


Saleeg is a face-saving dish. Similar to risotto, in this item, for cooking rice we use milk (similar to porridge) and broth. It acts as a staple with chicken dishes. This plat du jour should find an entry into your cordon bleu must-haves.

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7. Ma’amoul


Ma’amoul also called Maamul literally means filled. We believe the name is justified as these small treats are filled with heavenly essence. This sweet dish can be tagged as the plat du jour of Saudi Arabia. They are similar to cookies and have a filling with butter, nuts, semolina, and other ingredients.

So these are some dishes that are a must-have if you are a food lover. The Saudi Arabian gourmet might be underrated but definitely it worth indulging in. If you want to travel to Saudi Arabia and need assistance with visa processing, feel free to use eVisaNation.

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