7 best places to visit in Sydney

best places to visit Sydney

Sydney is an enthralling place and every traveler has Sydney on their bucket list. If you wish to discover Sydney and find the best places to visit Sydney, you are at the right place. Without much delay, let’s find out the best places in Sydney that every traveler should visit.

1. Opera House

Your trip to Sydney would be incomplete without visiting this marvel. The Sydney Opera House is an example of modern genius and is also considered a World Heritage Site. This place houses 3 popular shows including Sydney Theatre Company, Sydney Symphony Orchestra, and Opera Australia. Visit this beautiful place and discover the magic of opera.

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2. Harbour Bridge

This iconic structure is one of the most visited places in Sydney. After visiting this place, you can experience some mind-blowing scenes that shall forever be etched in your mind.

3. Madame Tussauds

This world’s popular music is famous for its life-like wax statues. You can witness all your favorite celebrities like Albert Einstein, Leonardo DiCaprio, Shahrukh Khan, Priyanka Chopra, Mark Webber, Sachin Tendulkar, Miranda Kerr, Jackie Chan, etc. and even get clicked with them. Madame Tussauds is one of the best places in Sydney and you must visit it.

4. Blue Mountains

A one-day trip from Sydney, this beautiful national park is a part of the Blue Mountains World Heritage Area. This place gets its title from blue haze formulating from eucalyptus trees. This place is brimming with valleys, waterfall, wildlife, and is one of the best places in Sydney.

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5. Bondi Beach

Sydney is a hip place and you can sense the vibe as soon as you enter the city. Sydney is filled with beaches and one such beach that you must visit is Bondi beach. The quaint stretch and turquoise water will surely be an experience of a lifetime.

6. Hyde park

Established in 1810, it is the oldest park situated in Sydney. Also listed as a world heritage site, the place has great historical significance. You can also divulge in the greenery which is abundant in this place. Hyde Park is one of the most visited places in Sydney and should find a spot on your bucket list as well.

7. Luna Park

Located on Milson Point, Luna Park is a thrilling amusement park. You can savor the rides while Harbor Bridge is in the backdrop. There are a lot of joy rides you can revel in and have a great time. If you are planning your next trip and need assistance with applying for a visa online, do consult eVisaNation.

These were our top 7 best places to visit in Sydney. Do plan your next trip and have a phenomenal experience in Sydney.


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