Best Places To Visit In Greece

BEst Places to Visti In Greece

Ancient ruins, tasty cuisine, villages entirely whitewashed, beaches for basking are enough to recognize Greece. Greece has been recorded as the most visited travel destination in Europe in the past five years(before the covid-19). Now you wonder why people are so fond of this place, so the biggest standalone reason is its breathtaking beauty. From having the pinch of taste to stunning landscapes, historic sites, midnight diaries & culture, Greece has not failed anyone. Many people are eagerly waiting for this pandemic to end so that they can explore the best places to visit in Greece.

It’s worth exploring the ancient ruins at Peloponnese, the temple of the Greek god Poseidon at CAPE Sounion, the birth of democracy in Athens and many others. So, without further ado:

Have a look at the best places to visit in Greece

1. Zagori

best places to visit in Greece- zagori

The masses of Zagori is covered under the sheet of natural beauty. Zagori does not end here, having two national parks in northwestern Greece and rugged mountains. The steps of villages formed on the mountains and featuring grand stone houses standing still from the late eighteenth century. This is what Zagori has got for you.  If you are a hiking enthusiast and want to make your life more adventurous, Zagori would be one of the best places in Greece for you. 

2. Halkidiki


Halkidiki is a bayonet-like peninsula lying on the edges of Thessaloniki, picturing fantabulous beaches. The three separate projections can be followed: Kassandra has the nightlife, Sithonia has the beaches, and Athos has the monks.

3. Thessaloniki


Thessaloniki, Kassandra are far more established than the Sithonia, which has campgrounds, hidden covers and clean waters. The greek and eastern European tourists are likely to be spotted here. 

4. Peloponnese


The name of Peloponnese was previously called Morea, which is derived from the word mulberry leaf. It is situated in the southernmost region of both Europe and Greece. Peloponnese is directly connected to the mainland by a bridge called the Rio-Antirrio bridge. Bestrewed with Byzantine churches, classical Greek temples, Peloponnese spread its wings to major historical monuments. Apart from this, If you are an Olympic games lover, you would be glad to know that the first Olympic games were hosted in Greece in honour of Zeus.

4. Greek Islands

Greek Islands

You won’t believe that Greece alone has more than 2,000 islands. Choose anyone from the exotic islands to make and store memories that are distributed based on numbers. So, keep going until you find your perfect place. 

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5. Athens


Everything started from the western civilization and the birth of democracy, lasting for more than 3000 years. People quite often get confused about the blend and bends of historical and modern features of Athens. If you are an archaeological fan, then this place is made just for you. The city doesn’t end here you can make memories from the nightlife in Athens.

6. Crete


And there comes Crete, the largest known island of Greece. A massive land sprinkling beauty in contrasts with the landscapes and rugged mountains and the countryside filled with olive trees. Have a coffee from the outdoor coffee shops from the quiet corner of the village surrounded by humming metropolitan cities. Diving into the history, Crete is also known for its archaeological traces that are still founded from the layers of land.

7. CAPE Sounion

CAPE Sounion

Have you heard about the ancient god Poseidon? If not, then he is known as the god of the sea. Cape Sounion is best known for Poseidon and is located at the southernmost tip of the Attica peninsula.  So these are our best places to visit in Greece. So do visit this lively place and let us know about your trip. In case, you need assistance with the visa application, feel free to contact eVisaNation, one-stop for all your e-visa assistance. So, pack your bags and get set go.

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