7 Best Places to Explore the Spanish Sky In 2021

best places in Spain

With the concept of YOLO flourishing everywhere, people are stepping out of their comfort zones to try different things. One such arena is adventure sports. Among the adrenaline-gushing sports, one sport that finds a place on every bucket list is paragliding. While there are numerous places to try paragliding in the entire world, one popular spot for this sport is in Spain. From beginners to advanced, Spain has plenty to offer everyone for every paraglide. Find out the best places in Spain for paragliding and have an experience of a lifetime.

Ideal Time for Paragliding in Spain

The best time around which you can do paragliding in Spain is from March to September. During these months, the Spanish azure sky is clear and you can savor long flights. The cloud height ranges from 3000m to 5000m during these months. If you wish to travel to Spain and try paragliding, then take help from the best eVisa agency in Spain, eVisaNation.

1-Paragliding in Alicante

Alicante is one of the excellent places for paragliding. Amid the breathtaking mountains of Alicante along with the scenic splendor of the Mediterranean Sea, you can encounter the incredible sentiment of flying like a bird in the sky.

The climate and weather of Alicante are excellent for paragliding all year long. So on your next trip to Spain; do not forget to visit this beautiful city. If you are planning to visit Spain, then apply for an online eVisa at eVisaNation and have a hassle-free trip.

2- Paragliding in Andalucía

Andalucía in Spain is also known as Mecca for air recreations. It is one of the outstanding spots in Spain to get your feet off the ground and journey into the sky in a paraglide. Andalucía gives you a vast spectrum of terrain to fly over. So if you love paragliding, this is the correct spot for you.

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3- Paragliding in La Muela

Paragliding in the atmosphere of La Muela with a panoramic view of the sunset is an adventure of a lifetime. The plateaus of La Muela deliver a launch height of 250 m. You can maneuver and experience wind tossing your hair in this beautiful place. For any assistance regarding your trip to La Muela reach out to eVisaNation, the best evisa agency in Spain.

4- Paragliding in La Lastra Del Cano

One of the most popular paragliding destinations, paragliding In La Lastra Del Cano is a must-have experience. You can witness the coniferous trees and the gurgling water from afar and have an experience that shall be clearly etched in your mind. So do starmark La Lastra Del Cano in your itinerary.

5- Paragliding in Mallorca

A beautiful isle nestled in the Mediterranean Sea, this place offers scenery unmatched. You can opt for tandem or acrobat paragliding and enjoy the stunning view of the sea.

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6- Paragliding in Organya

Keen to try acrobat paragliding? Organya is the answer. The surrounding mountains block the winds simulating the ideal conditions for paragliding. You can have a bird’s eye view of the beautiful vistas. So on your next trip to Spain; do not miss this golden opportunity.

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7- Paragliding in Berga

If you happen to be around Barcelona, you can visit this scenic place. No matter whether you are a pro or a noobie, Berga has a lot to offer to every paragliding enthusiast. The place is ideal throughout the year, except in summer when it gets windy.

The aforementioned were the 7 best places in Spain to try paragliding and have an incredible view of the Spanish vista. If you wish to visit Spain and need assistance regarding the visa procedure then take hp from eVisaNation and apply for evisa online. Our experts shall help you throughout the procedure and ensure you have a hassle-free vacation. So contact us and have an experience of a lifetime.

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