This blog will help you provide details of the evisa granted and what are the pre-requisite for the same.
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India is beautiful country housing some of the best UNESCO sites, cultural power hubs, exquisite festivals, and traditions witnessed nowhere else. India is a country that everyone should witness at least once in their lifetime. If you are fascinated by the ancient traditions of this place or planning to go there to learn yoga, you would need a visa to be presented at the emigration counter.

This blog will help you provide details of the evisa granted and what are the pre-requisite for the same. If you have any queries or need any additional assistance with it, reach out to eVisaNation, the best visa service for India.


eVisa is granted to a citizen of any foreign land whose intent of touring India is leisure, sightseeing, an informal visit to meet friends or kin, joining a short term yoga course, medical intentions comprising therapy under Indian systems of medicine, business basis, and is not permitted for any other goal/ activity.

Procedure for application:

You can directly apply at the Indian government website. However, you have to be extra cautious while filling it as one minute error can terminate your chances of getting the visa. Also, if you are hesitant regarding the application you can avail of the services at eVisaNation. You simply have to fill in your details, fill in the fees, and our executives will fill the form on your behalf.

Types of visa granted:

There are three types of e-Visa granted by the Indian government. These include

(a) e-Tourist Visa: For entertainment, tour visits, casual visits to meet friends or families, and attending a short term yoga program

(b) e-Business Visa: For all actions authorized under normal Business Visa, and

(c) e-Medical Visa: For medical treatment, including medication under Indian systems of medicine.

Any foreigner will also be licensed to amalgamate these types provided they have clearly indicated in the application form along with mentioned documents.


Once you get an evisa, the prescribed validity for the same is 60 days with double entry for tourist and business type and triple entry for medical type. Also, medial evisas can be extended for up to 6 months if basic formalities are met.

Conditions for evisa:

e-Visa cannot be extended except in the case of e-Medical Visa as mentioned above. e-visa cannot be converted from one type to another except in particular cases. Please check the official website regarding the conversion grounds.

Repeat visits:

Any person is allowed to get evisa only twice in any year.

So these were the basic details about the eVisa for India. For any further clarification and assistance regarding the application, reach out to

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