Apply online visa for 7 most visited countries in the world

7 most visited countries of the world

The world has started reopening after the pandemic blow. Visiting foreign places after adhering to pandemic protocols has become the norm and a lot of countries have opened their gates for international travel. Why which countries to start your post-pandemic trip with? This blog shall present the 7 most visited countries of the world and also guide you about how to apply online visa. So let’s start.


The tourism industry of Canada is mammoth and contributes approximately $33.9 billion to the nation’s GDP. Ontario and Toronto are the most popular gateways through which visitors enter Canada. Apart from the amazing Niagra Falls, the country has a lot to offer. You can visit Churchill where you can witness whales and bears; Newfoundland, the iceberg haven; and Okanagan Valley, housing phenomenal vineyards. Sif you wish to visit the beautiful land of Canada, apply online visa for one of the most visited countries through evisaNation.


This lively country is every traveler’s paradise. Portugal has become one of the most visited countries in Europe. This country is safe and is a vivacious place to visit. Ursa Beach is a must-visit place in Portugal. Visit this country and have an experience of a lifetime.


Russia has become a popular destination and for a few years, its popularity has been on the rise. It hosted the 2018 FIFA. Some of the must-visit places in Russia include Moscow, St. Petersburg, Suzdal, etc. Do hop on the Trans-Siberian Railway and have an exciting time.

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This southeast Asian isle is a paradise for every travel enthusiast. The island is brimming with rainforests, wildlife, and natural sceneries. Batu Caves in Kuala Lumpur is a sight to behold with an ancient Hindu temple and rainbow stairs to add to its spark. Malaysia finds a spot in the 7 most visited countries in the world and should be your bucket list.


Greece is the country straight out of the beautiful picture. The entry of various visitors each year and has hence, levied a restriction at some places too. If you are planning to visit Greece, then do visit Santorini. This place has multi-hued houses etched on a cliff surrounding a sea. If you need to apply for an online visa for Greece, do consult eVisaNation.


Japan is the third-most visited country in Asia. This place is a beautiful blend of Oriental and modernity. Visit Japan around April and witness the cherry blossoms. Enjoy the Hanami celebration and have a gala time.

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Mexico marks the entry of various tourists each year. Instagram-worthy beaches topped with rich culture and heritage make it an ideal place. Chichen Itza, the remnant of Mayan Civilization is a must-visit place in Mexico. If you are planning your next trip to Mexico and have an experience of a lifetime.

Here were the top 7 most visited countries of the world. Start making your plans and have an experience you shall cherish forever. For your visa-related worries, contact eVisaNation. Happy journey!

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