7 Top-Rated Tourist Places in Germany

top tourist places in Germany

History, traditions, and beauty, Germany is a perfect blend of all the three. Brimming with some of the most famous historical and wonderful places in the world, Germany is a hub for all vacationers. From delivering some pristine places to being a center of various adventure sports, Germany offers a lot for everyone. If you are planning your next trip to Germany, then this article is here to help you. Given below are the top tourist places in Germany which should surely find a spot in your itinerary. So let’s start!

1. Brandenburg Gate

Inspired by Acropolis in Athens, this site is a sight to behold. Having a height of 26 meters, this building speaks of grandeur and history. This structure has various columns and channels to add to its splendor. One of the most iconic places of Berlin, your trip to Germany is incomplete without this place.

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2. Cologne Cathedral

The spectacular Cologne Cathedral (Kölner Dom) is situated at the banks of Rhine and can be deemed as the most phenomenal landmark of Cologne. Considered among the largest cathedrals of Europe, this place is filled with grand architecture and design. You can also witness the great scenery of the place by treading the 533 steps on the viewing tower of South Platform. View this amazing cathedral on your next trip to Germany and for that apply for evisa online using eVisaNation.

3. The Black Forest

One of the most popular destinations of Germany, these dense woods spread their glory up to 160 kilometers. This place is filled with resorts and also houses Black Forest Open Air Museum. The best way to explore these lush lands is by grabbing a map and going on the 70-km driving expedition.

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4. Neuschwanstein

The pristine town of Füssen is the place from which you can witness the fairytale-like castle of Neuschwanstein. Inspired by the incredible theme parks of Disney, King Ludwig II of Bavaria constructed this fortress. You can take a guided tour to explore this remarkable place.

5. Miniatur Wunderland

The world’s largest model railway, Miniature Wonderland is a popular destination for every traveler. This place is filled with rustic scenes, cities, airports; offering a picturesque vista to all onlookers. You can book a tour of this place and have an experience of a lifetime.

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6. The Rhine Valley

The Rhine Valley is one of the most beautiful valleys you will ever see. Explore the Rhine as it flows through the mainland and the beautiful castles nestled on its banks. So on your next trip to Germany ensures you visit this quaint valley. For any visa-related assistance, contact the best evisa company in Germany and make your trip hassle-free.

7. Marienplatz

The city of Munich is replenished with sites to offer. Integral to this city is Marienplatz, the marketplace where traders from all nook and corners would do their proceedings. Nowadays, this beautiful place offers an incredible view, is filled with cafes and boutiques. If you happen to visit it around Christmas, this place would come to life with festivity fanfare. So do keep Marienplatz on your bucket list for Germany.

So here was our list of top tourist places in Germany. Do visit these places and do share your experiences with us. If you happen to visit Germany, you might need to apply for eVisa well in advance, and for that eVisaNation is there for you. Gute Fahrt!

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