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7 countries where can Americans Travel Right Now?

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The current pandemic has caused a halt to international travel. Americans, owing to this pandemic, have incremented the local travels. Camping and road trips have become a common thing for Americans as more and more people are discovering the beauty of their country. But if you are someone who is yearning for the best online eVisa Agency & travel to some foreign land, this article is for you.

We present you with 7 countries where Americans can travel, albeit with some restrictions. So without much ado let’s discover which these countries are.

  1. Albania

US citizens can travel to the European country of Albania without presenting a negative covid test. However, when you enter this country, you would have to oblige to the airport norms which include sanitization, screening, social distancing, etc. Also, when you travel across this beautiful country, you would have to follow the covid appropriate behavior.

2. The Bahamas

This quaint travel destination has opened its boundaries for American tourists. Before visiting this country, you need to file a Travel health visa and a negative covid report. This norm is for all vaccinated citizens. The unvaccinated citizens are required to take an antigen test on the 5th day of their travel. Also, it is mandatory to have health insurance while you travel to this country.

3. Denmark

This beautiful Scandinavian country welcomes all American itinerants without any negative covid reports, provided they are vaccinated 14 days in advance before traveling to Denmark. Unvaccinated citizens can also visit provided they present a negative test report.

4. Ireland

If you wish to travel to Ireland, you can. You just need to present a negative report taken no before than 72 hours. Ireland also has a predefined quarantine norm and on the 5th day, if the test comes negative, people can end their quarantine.

5. Kyrgyzstan

If you wish to engross yourself in the beauty of Kyrgyzstan, you need to present a negative covid test result taken within 72 hours period. Also, there are some airports norms that you need to follow.

6. Maldives

This beautiful country brimming with picturesque resorts and beaches is all set to welcome globe-trotters. However, to enjoy the Maldives, you need to present a negative covid result taken no before than 96 hours.

7. Seychelles

The island country of Seychelles, off the coast of Africa, is welcoming any American tourist who wishes to enjoy its beauty. You just need to present proof of vaccination and a negative covid report at the airport.

Various countries have started opening up their boundaries for tourism but every day the norms and regulations change, so it is advised before you plan your trip to visit our online eVisa providing company,  website of their embassy and check the norms. Also, we haven’t completely warded off the COVID pandemic. So please adhere to the safety norms to protect yourself and your close ones. If you require any kind of assistance regarding your visa or want to know more about the travel restrictions, do contact eVisaNation. Have a safe

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