7 places you need to visit in India with your best friend

best destination to visit your best friends

Every moment becomes enjoyable when you have your friends with you, isn’t it? Having a bunch of jovial friends makes every second worth living and going out with friends on a trip makes every trip memorable and exciting. You can travel to any place any time of the year but if you have your best friend with you, the trip would be something you shall cherish for your entire life. Apply online visa for the best destination to visit your best friends.

We have collated a list of the best places that you must visit with your best friend in India.

1 Chadar – The Frozen River Trek

We always dream of backpacking to exotic and pristine places with our best friends, don’t we? Situated in Ladakh, the Chadar trek from Zanskar valley to Zanskar Lake is an adrenaline-pumping and enthralling experience. You get to trek on a frozen river and will surely be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. So pack your bags and get ready to explore Chadar with your best buddy.

2 Manali-Leh Road Trip

We all have a fantasy to hop on our bullets and go on a road trip from Manali to Leh. Manali to Leh is one of the best motorable roads and has been a popular destination for years. You just need a bike and explore the terrains while the wind plays with you. Witness the beauty of the vistas and enjoy the majesty of nature.

3 Rishikesh

This fun-filled place is a must-visit destination with your travel buddies. This vibrant city is brimming with picturesque scenes, adventure sports, and solace. Situated on the banks of the Ganges, this place has a gamut of enthralling experiences to offer visitors. From relaxing on the banks of the Ganges to yoga, from rafting to tranquil ashrams, this place is a must-visit with your bestie.

4 Manali

Snow-laden mountains, quaint vistas, and breathtaking views, Manali is a paradise for all globe-trotters. You can trek across here, lose yourself in hip cafes, meet co-travelers, and have an experience of a lifetime.

5 Pushkar

One of the oldest cities in India, Pushkar houses the most unique Brahma temple. Gateways to the ancient realm, lose yourself in the vivacity of this place and ensure you visit this place with your bestie. Also, the Pushkar Mela is conducted every year; do not forget to witness it.

6 Goa

Filled with hip beaches and late-night time, surreal Goa is one place that you surely should visit with your friends. Explore beaches, indulge in exciting activities, take yoga classes or simply bask in the sun; Goa has a lot to offer. Goa is one place you should visit at least once with your friends.

7 Lonavla

Take a respite from the hustle-bustle of everyday lives and go on a trip to Lonavala with your BFF. Experience the majestic misty mountains and let the clouds peck you. Get lost in the beauty of this place and make memories with your best friend.

India has a plethora of options to offer, but these 7 were our top picks. Pack your bags and explore India with your buddy. If you are planning to explore these places and are looking for a viable source for visa assistance, do try eVisaNation. Happy traveling!

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