Places to Visit in Greece
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5 Best Unique Places to Visit in Greece

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Popular cities like Athens, Rhodes, Santorini, and Mykonos have lodged their name on every traveler’s list. Greece is a magnificent land analogous to beauty, multi-hued buildings, crystal clear water, and rich heritage. If you are planning your next trip to Greece, we have something interesting for you. Popular places to visit in Greece can be found in any blog but in this blog, we have listed the top unique places to visit in Greece. So, let’s start!

5 Places to Visit in Greece



The quaint town of Nafplio is one of the most underrated cities and is an ideal place for special celebrations. Just 2 hours away from Athens, this peaceful town provides a recluse from the capital city of Greece.

You can explore this place on foot and even visit the Archaeological Museum and Fortress of Palamidi for an exciting experience. This city also houses beaches and cafes for a relaxing stroll or a quick bite.



One of the top places to visit in Greece, Hydra is situated adjacent to the Aegean Sea. This beautiful place is unknown and offers picturesque scenery like Santorini or Mykonos. It is home to numerous art galleries, restaurants, and cafes.

You can visit Bisti Beach to bask in the sun. It offers a mind-blowing sight of turquoise water minus the hustle-bustle of popular destinations for places in Greece. If you love snorkeling, this is the place where you can spot urchins and starfish. So, on your next trip to Greece, keep in mind this unique place to visit in Greece.



Cobblestoned Old Town and also a popular Unesco World Heritage Site, Corfu is a beautiful place to visit. You can enjoy delicious food and even get souvenirs from the local shops.

Do visit Chrisomalis which is a tavern operating for 150 years. If you have a sweet tooth then Rosy’s Bakery is the ideal place for you. So, on your next trip to Greece, do visit these top tourist places in Greece.

Olympia (Katakolon)

Olympia (Katakolon)

Having a population of less than 600, this unique place is home to phenomenal shops. The birth of the Olympic games can be credited to a nearby place.

If you love history, then this is the place you would love. Also do visit Mercouri Estate, a renowned shop for olive oil and local wine and you can also take part in a wine tasting tour.

Chania, Crete

Chania, Crete

One of the most unique places to visit in Greece is Chania, a beautiful blend of Venice and Ottoman architecture. You can plunge into Agioi Apostoloi Beach or even explore the golden beaches of this place.

You can also taste local wine in Braoudakis Winery and traditional dakos which is a famous delicacy. If you wish for exotic plant life and a wisp of fresh air, the Botanical Park of Crete will prove to be ideal.

Ready to explore these best places to visit in Greece? Reach out to eVisaNation and have a trip of a lifetime to Greece. Happy traveling!

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